Sinkhole formation is often triggered after the collapse of a soil bridge caused by the gradual internal erosion of the overburden into the cavities below, typically the result of an active water source moving particles of soil until the bridge collapses.


Don't "sink your savings" because of Sinkholes!


Sinkholes can vary in the amount of damage they cause, and should be taken seriously. If you ever have the unfortunate experience of a sinkhole, there are ways to rectify the situation.


After we identified a sink hole inside an attached garage of a house, we removed the brick stoop and water heater, demolished the garage slab, undercut the soft soils, then backfilled the excavation and compacted the soil in lifts. The use of the device in this picture is foreign to most contractors.


Outdoor Life Contracting services are knowledgeable and experienced with a Geotechnical Engineering background. We have knowledge as to what causes sinkholes and can often perform preventative measures of protection so that when you are hit, the damage is less disastrous.


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