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When you deal with us, you get a level of personal attention and experience that no other company can offer. You will not be visited by a salesman; every sales call is performed by the founder/owner who holds all the degrees, board certifications, and licenses for the company. Subsequently, every job is designed, estimated, and supervised by the owner as well. This allows one person to listen to the client and assist with the design and later direct the implementation of the design which prevents a lack of communication between the salesman, designer, and the crew foreman which commonly leads to costly mistakes with most companies and then frustration and unexpected additional expenses for the client.

We want to make sure that you are taken care of and well informed every step of the way. We feel that the person making the initial visit needs to put the company’s best foot forward and be able to answer any question you may have (regardless of how technically complicated it may be). We cannot begin to count the number of times we made a sales call to a client that thought they knew what they wanted, but once we challenged their ideas and found out what they ultimately needed, it was discovered that they needed something completely different than they originally thought. In most cases when we have visited the client after other contractors have given them estimates; we have asked what the other contractors suggested to see why the client was still mis-informed about what they needed, they usually tell us that the contractors just gave them a price for what they asked for and did not put any thought or effort into the subject.

We have over 20 years of highly credible construction experience working on projects up to $1,000,000.00. We have worked hard to study and obtain over 15 degrees, Accredited Board Certifications, and State Licenses. Our work has been published in several national publications and product catalogs.  Our qualified, expert opinions have been used in legal cases for home owners filing claims against other contractors for sub-standard work and for the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office prosecuting un-licensed contractors and contractors violating the minimum standard codes of their trade. We can offer experience with our consultations that no other landscaping company in the area can offer because we are much more than just a landscaping company.

For a typical site visit in which a client would like help to review and discuss a project they would like to hire a contractor to do for them, then we charge a flat $150.00 retainer fee.   Please Note that the fee is a retainer, so that if you use our company to do the work, we will refund the fee back to you as a credit towards the work. Once we complete the site visit, if the customer would like a formal proposal from us to do the work, we will gladly provide you with a free, formally type written estimate to do the job which will include the retainer fee credit.

Now a lot of clients will say that many other companies will come out and give them ideas and pricing at no charge.  Well, we used to do that as well, back before we obtained all the licenses, board certifications, trade experience, and service awards and accolades that we now have.  Over the last several years, as we have gained the reputation that we have worked hard to earn, we have gained a lot of demand for our services, and unfortunately we have had a lot of clients wanting to get ideas from us for free and then try to do the work themselves or validate their concerns against another contractor that is trying to do a design/build job for them to no avail.

It is industry standard to pay for consultations at the doctors office and attorneys (and that’s when you drive to see them) as well as interior designers and many other professionals that you may need experienced help from in order to determine what needs to be done before any work is performed.  We have just as many licenses and credentials as they do, so we feel that we are just as deserving of compensation for our time and expert advice.  We truly feel that you get what you pay for when it comes to expert advice on those matters.  You have to ask yourself whether you want a professional opinion or a qualified, expert opinion.  There is a huge difference!

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