When we entered the landscape industry over a decade ago, we were most surprised by the lack of quality in the irrigation services arena.

Unfortunately, it is one of the hardest trades for people to discover flaws in because everything is buried. Most homeowners do not have the expertise to discover the difference between a quality installation and a bad installation.  If they see water shooting out of the irrigation heads, they think everything is fine. The irrigation industry is very competitive. Since it can be difficult to deduce a quality system from a bad system, there is a lot of temptation on the part of contractors to take shortcuts to lower their prices and make their company more appealing to price shoppers. By taking shortcuts, performing the plumbing work illegally, and using low quality products, a contractor could easily shave over a thousand dollars of costs from a typical residential irrigation system. We estimate that up to 75% of the irrigations installed now are performed illegally or installed below industry standards.

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