Koi Ponds and Outdoor Living Areas

Koi ponds can be landscaped provide a variety of interests by putting different colors and textures together in the landscape planting.

By creating Outdoor Living areas for our customers, they can come home, get out of their business attire, change into comfortable clothes, walk outside and sit on the seat wall by the patio overlooking the water feature, let the sound of the rushing water enhance their auditory senses and put them at rest, allow the fragrance of the Fragrant Tea Olives to perk their sense of smell and fill their lungs with the sweet smell of the air, the vibrant colors of the different plants put them in a cheerful mood.  Watching the koi gracefully swim in the pond hypnotize them and make them forget the day’s stress.  Watching the birds fly down from the trees to get a drink of water from the stream and watching the humming birds and butterflies feed off the nectar in the flowers can make them feel like they out in the middle of the country.  Helping them get the kids to peel away from the TV and their I-Pads and come out and enjoy nature with them as a family and spend the evening into the darkness when they start a fire and cook their dinner over an open campfire, then watch as the landscape lights kick on and uplight the trees to create a new interest and sense of tranquility while the kids make Smores.  What a peaceful way to end their day….and they didn’t have to use their vacation time or even leave the comforts of their own home to enjoy it.

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