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We competently perform over 40 trades of construction and landscaping work in house. For any outdoor contracting trades that we do not perform, we have several sub-contractors that we have worked with for years that assist us in completing those work items. All of them are small companies that are operated by their owners and licensees like we are. That makes us your “one call does it all” for all your outdoor contracting needs.

To schedule a service call, please contact us by using one of the methods below:

7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
Suite #105-354
Mint Hill, NC 28227

Phone: (704) 640-0880



I understand for any ON-SITE CONSULTATION there will be a minimum charge of $150.00


It is industry standard to pay for consultations at the doctors office and attorneys (and that’s when you drive to see them) as well as interior designers and many other professionals that you may need experienced help from in order to determine what needs to be done before any work is performed.  We have just as many licenses and credentials as they do, so we feel that we are just as deserving of compensation for our time and expert advice.  We truly feel that you get what you pay for when it comes to expert advice on those matters.  You have to ask yourself whether you want a professional opinion or a qualified, expert opinion.  There is a huge difference!

This charge will be credited to the total cost of contracted work performed as a result of the on-site visit. An estimate is defined as a calculation of the projected costs to perform a specific amount of work. If you need design input, verification, or quantity take-offs from a qualified expert, then you need a consultation and must request a consultation instead. If you truly know exactly what you want and can define it in a set of design plans or directions that you can mail or email to us, then we will gladly provide you with a free estimate for the requested work. We require a $150.00 job retainer for site visits, which is refunded back to you as a job credit on our contract. If you feel that you did not receive qualified and helpful advice during our visit, we will refund the retainer fee back to you.

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