Plant Maintenance

Plants are like children; they are more vulnerable until they become established and mature and they will not develop properly unless they are provided water, air, and nutrients.  The goal for plants is not to live, but to look good.  If you do not make sure they have all the essentials that they need, then don’t be surprised if they do not perform well.

Make sure the plant root balls are moist, but not too wet.  Periodically check the moisture level at the bottom of the root ball, not at the surface of the ground.  The soil should be moist enough to mold into a ball in your hand, but not so wet that that the soil squishes between your fingers.

There are some plants that like more water than others, but there are far more plants that dislike too much water.  In fact, more plants die from too much water than those that die from too little water, especially here in the Carolinas where the predominant soil type is clay.

The other important factor to monitor is to make sure you fertilize your plants in the early spring and the early summer so they will have the nutrients they need to flourish.  We also recommend using organic fertilizers that have mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria as well.

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