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Every landscape design should reflect the personal decorating taste of the clients as well as the house architecture. We strive to learn the clients needs and use the design to convey and create the environment that we feel they will truly enjoy. It is also imperative that the landscape design selected match the clients abilities to maintain it. Ideally, the clients should be able to prune all the plants in two days per year. We understand that the best looking landscape designs will not continue to look good if the customer cannot feasibly maintain them. We prefer to select plants that provide interest through different colors, textures, and fragrances throughout the year. We are not big fans of using plain evergreens that do not produce any color or interest. We like plants that have vibrant leaf colors or blooms. We prefer to use every color within the color spectrum and play the colors off of one-another to create vibrant color contrasts. We also like to balance the evergreen plants with the deciduous plants to prevent large sections of the landscaping from looking barren during the winter months. We also try to select plants that draw hummingbirds, butterflies, and butterfly moths close to walkways and patios to draw the beauty of nature close to you.



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7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite #105-354, Charlotte, NC 28227


Outdoor Life Inc. 7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite #105-354, Charlotte, NC 28227

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