Decorative Concrete Overlays

Decorative concrete overlays are the newest generation of the decorative concrete innovation.  They not only allow us to overlay old concrete sidewalks and driveways, but also allow us to work in all 3 dimensions by going vertical.  The advancement in polymer development has created stronger overlays that create stronger bonds to their base.  Some clients have seen poor overlay projects that have spalled and peeled off the base surface and think that overlays are not permanent.  This is not the case.  The use of overlays requires extensive training and knowledge of the process.  The most commonly made mistakes are shortcuts made in the base preparation prior to the overlay installation.  If this is not done properly, it will inevitably result in a bond failure between the base and overlay.  The innovations in the concrete overlays over the last several years have produced products that allow us to create the look of natural materials such as stone, but with a more custom look that cannot be feasibly be achieved with real stone.  The work that can be produced with these products is nothing short of artistry.  It is very similar to faux finish painting.

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