Water Features

We enjoy creating and building water features more than any other trade that we offer. There is just something about water features that deliver more visual as well as auditory impact than any other feature that you can have in your yard. Even the customers that are very apprehensive about the idea of water features in the beginning, eventually assign names to all the fish and admit to spending more of their time outside around the pond than anywhere else.

We push the envelope on creating some unique features and using cutting edge materials and construction methods that can deliver better longevity and less maintenance. When we create ponds, we prefer to make them as natural looking and long lasting as possible. We take the following steps to achieve this:

We use quality UV stable EPDM liners with a 20 year warranty in lieu of vinyl or plastic.

We use liner underlayment on our ponds to protect the liner from sharp rocks and sticks rubbing a hole into the liner as the ground expands and contracts underneath the pond.

We cover all the liner with rocks (we do not leave the liner uncovered on the bottom).

We incorporate water plants that grow out of the rocks (and not sitting in plastic pots in the bottom of the pond).

We import bulk stone from Tennessee that comes in various sizes in earth tone colors that are naturally found in streams. We do not use fractured stone from local quarries that are not found in natural streams and ponds.

We incorporate boulders into the surrounding landscape to blend the pond or waterfall into the environment.

We use plants around the pond to make it more natural looking and incorporate it into the surrounding area.

We use the same biological filtration processes to filter the water as used in a naturally occurring environment. We do not treat ponds as swimming pools. You do not need a lot of high tech equipment to keep the water clean and clear. Because the water is constantly moving and not sitting stagnant, it will not contribute to mosquito breeding as some people may think; in fact, you will typically see a decrease in the amount of insects around the water features since the animals it attracts feed off of insects such as frogs, dragon flies, and birds.

Because we are licensed general contractors as well as pond contractors, we can also assist you with the electrical and water supply for the pond. Since we offer more services than most pond contractors, we can also provide you with a patio, landscape lighting, an outdoor fireplace, and proper plant selection and installation. We will provide you with a turn-key job so that you do not have to hire and manage several contractors to help you create a back yard get away.

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