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October 9, 2009

Outdoor Life Inc.

Attention: Mr. Bill Botkin

7110 Brighton Park Drive

Charlotte, NC 28227

Re: Windswept Home Owners Association Project

Dear Bill:

I am writing you in regard to the landscaping project that Outdoor Life, Inc. recently completed for the Windswept Homeowners Association (WHOA). Specifically, the board wants to express our appreciation to you and your team for the significant effort and dedication expended to implement and complete this project.

As you will remember, our WHOA Board of Directors had a serious problem in attempting to complete the renovation of our development’s front entrance. The Board’s Landscaping Committee members were highly frustrated with the lack of quality service from the lawn and landscaping services we had previously engaged as well as the one we were currently using on a temporary basis. Both had provided unsatisfactory results. So the dilemma was try to balance getting the high quality service and support to implement the last phase of the project that our homeowners expected but still at an affordable price.

The Landscaping Committee interviewed and received quotes from seven (7) different companies, including Outdoor Life. While your prices for the proposed plan were not necessarily the least expensive, your professionalism and knowledge, attention to the detail, and your enthusiasm were impressive and stood out from the others. And once you provided the particulars to the complete plan, you demonstrated a willingness to be flexible and re-do our plan with alternatives to make it more cost-effective for the WHOA. We also asked you suggest a source for an alternative for our existing lawn service. To date, Mr. John Neville has worked out very well.

The implementation of the plan started when you said it would and was completed exactly as scheduled. That’s very unusual these days! It was obvious to all that:

1.You had the experience along with the complete understanding and knowledge of what needed to be done, and

2.Your services and materials were of high quality, so we knew you didn’t “cut corners” or unnecessarily increase the price of the project, and

3.You remained involved to make sure things were going as planned, and continue to do so, even today.

The other important quality that probably goes unnoticed by many people is that you go the “extra mile” and do things that need to be done without being asked and without extra cost because you really care about satisfying your clients and properly completing projects.

We are very pleased with our front entrance. It is the first and very important impression people will have of our development. We think they will be as impressed as we are!

Based on our experience with you and your company, our Windswept Homeowners Association would recommend you to any of our homeowners and to others who would consider you company for any landscape project, large or small.




Mrs. Renea Gaffey – President

Windswept Homeowners Association


Cc: WHOA Board of Directors

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