What Makes Us Different

  • We offer more services than any other landscape company in the area.
  • We self perform more trades than any other landscape company in the area.
  • We have more licenses, credentials, and professional experience than any other landscape company in the area.
  • We have the experience, professional training, and ability to perform and manage large projects, however we are a small company (less than 15 employees), so we can deliver personal service and quality workmanship. We choose quality over quantity so we have chosen to stay small and that allows us to hand pick our projects and cliental.
  • We are so confident in our workmanship and quality, that we offer the best warranties in the industry. We offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship and installation. We also use the best products known to us in the industry which usually carry the best warranties as well.
  • Because we evolved from an engineering background as well as a landscaping background, we have design/build capabilities that no other landscape company have. It is also because we evolved from professional engineering and into the landscape and construction industry that we have developed our trade practices based upon engineering theory, scientific data, and nationally recognized construction methods by accredited organizations. Most business owners in the industry follow certain trade practices because it is the way they were trained by a former employer. Over the decades certain practices have been developed which no one can justify by scientific data or even common sense reasons. A good example of this is the use of wheat straw for establishing turf grass. Wheat straw in most cases actually hinders the establishment of good turf grasses. If you think about it; have you ever seen a professional sod farmer that used wheat straw to establish the turf grass for sod in their fields?
  • When you deal with us, you deal with the owner (who is the Senior Field Operations Supervisor) directly from the very first meeting all the way to the completion of the project.
  • All of our calls are routed through the owner to ensure direct communication with the clients and prevent calls from being routed through several channels. We do not have a receptionist taking messages and someone not directly in touch with the project returning the calls.
  • We have strict regulations that our employees follow which makes them look and act professionally.
  • All of our employees are full time. We do not hire individuals on a 1099 basis and broker work out to them like many companies. We self perform over 95% of the services that we offer. The work that we subcontract is only to reputable, experienced, and licensed professionals that we use on a routine basis. We typically use only one subcontractor per trade. We prefer to develop relationships with the subcontractors so that we receive great service and fair pricing. We do not bid out every bit of subcontractor work and give it to the cheapest quote like many other companies that are more concerned about their profit margins than the service they are providing to their customer.
  • We have high expectations of our employees. We expect our technical laborers and foreman to have and always aspire to develop more high quality trade skills and talents. If they cannot develop expert trade skills at an adequate pace and act in a professional manner for a high quality service provider, then we dismiss them. In fact most all of our rejects are hired to become supervisors or foreman by our competitors.
  • We operate out of fleet vehicles on the job sites. We are not working out of beat up personal vehicles with the look of “here today gone tomorrow”.
  • We have all the proper licenses to perform the work that we advertise. Most landscape companies perform work illegally. North Carolina law requires that in order for a contractor to employ a licensed trade (ie. electrician, plumber, etc.) that they must also be licensed in that same trade or hold a general contractor’s license. If you have an irrigation system installed, you must have a licensed plumber to install a backflow preventor. Most landscape companies and irrigation contractors either install it themselves or hire a plumber directly to do it, which is illegal. Most pond contractors directly hire electricians to install a power supply for their ponds which is illegal. Also performing a project in excess of $30,000.00 which includes licensed trades, grading, masonry, or other similar trades designated by the state licensure board is illegal without being a licensed general contractor.
  • Since we routinely perform work for large entities and corporations, such as CAMC and Bank Of America, we must carry a minimum of two million dollars worth of liability insurance coverage.
  • With well over a decade of service, we have maintained an A+ rating consistently with the Better Business Bureau.


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