Letters of Commendation


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May 31, 2007

Dear Mr. Botkin,

I am writing in regard to a residential landscaping project that Outdoor Life recently completed, which encompassed the entire outdoor space surrounding my home and included concrete work, stone and brick masonry, plant and sod installation, fence construction, carpentry and irrigation system installation. Specifically, I wanted to commend you and your team for the significant effort and dedication expended throughout the past four weeks.

Your willingness to be flexible, as it relates to both client input during the design phase and last minute plan revisions during the implementation phase, is unlike that of any other professional with whom I have worked in the home construction/improvement industry. This flexibility, combined with our creativity and enthusiasm for executing innovative ideas, was apparent in many aspects of the project. However, the installation of the “sprayground” in the back patio best illustrates these qualities.

It began with a discussion around my desire to retain as much green space as possible in the backyard while maintaining a patio space that was large enough to accommodate the uses for which it was originally designed. My principal concern had been my daughter’s ability to “run in the sprinklers”. Our discussion concluded with a plan to install a small sprayground that would essentially be composed of several streams of water spraying vertically out of the patio, which would work as a component of the overall irrigation system. Since the concrete base for the patio was to be installed the following day, you were charged with the task of not only designing something that you had no prior experience with, but also constructing the actual pipe configuration. During the following few weeks the sprayground was executed seamlessly, as if it had been a part of the original plan design.

Another important characteristic of Outdoor Life is that you and your team are able to implement many of the different features that contribute to an overall landscape design. This weighed significantly in my decision to selecting Outdoor Life for the project, since it alleviated the need for me to manage subcontractors.

I have also been impressed by your involvement throughout the entire project. It was very apparent to me after we first met to discuss plans for the landscape, that you had high quality standards, as you are a self-described “perfectionist”. Therefore, having you present every single day during the entire project implementation gave me the reassurance that the project was being efficiently managed and I did not feel the need to constantly monitor the progress. I also believe that your daily involvement kept the project on-track.

The service I have received post-implementation is also notable. I appreciate the fact that our lines of communication have remained open after the conclusion of the project.

I look forward to enjoying our new outdoor space this summer and into the future.

With Kind Regards,

Alexa Cutter

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