Letters of Commendation


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June 5, 2007

Dear Bill,

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the super job you did with our yard. It was truly a transformation. We are extremely please with the outcome of all trades your team performed at our home.

To begin, having John Neville draw up the initial design was extremely beneficial. This allowed us to get our conceptual ideas on paper and further visualize the end result. It was a great first step that brought together our ideas with both his and our suggestions, and was a good exercise for setting expectations and getting initial cost estimates.

As we were close to finalizing our contract with you, we mentioned a challenge we were having getting an addition built on the garage to be used as a kennel for our dogs. You helped us think about what the real problem was and came up with a creative solution to resolve our problem. This brought in additional trades to our project since you built a custom “dog house/building”. Your coordination on this effort made the execution of the seamless for us. We appreciated not having to coordinate electricians, construction for building and fence, pouring of concrete and brick mason for building our dog wash pit.

Because we were able to move the “dog house/building” to another part of the yard, this gave us the ability to install a water feature in our sitting area. This was a pretty major change to the plan that was originally designed. In some ways, it was a bit scary to abandon a portion of the plan and design something on the fly. However, this is one of the things we love most about working with you. You were able to quickly engage in our brainstorming and come up with a new design. You heard what we were looking for and then played that back to us with a design in mind. You made it easy to visualize. Your creative use of boulders, waterfalls and extraordinary plants made our sitting area even better than we could have imagined.

The stone patio your team installed was a great addition to the backyard. We really enjoyed working with Cyndi to “customize” our patio even more by having her sand blast a favorite quote and image into the first stone as you step upon our patio. Her creativity and talent has really made this project even more special for us. We plan to reach out to her in the future for other creative sand blasting ideas (even outside of our yard).

The irrigation plan, including sprinklers, drips to our potted plants, drips to bedded plants et. has made this design not only beautiful but something we can easily maintain over time.

It was great to have your team at our home. Our neighbors complimented not only the out come, but also how professional and courteous your team was. it is very evident that our entire team takes great pride in their work. You have an incredible team with multiple trades/skills, super knowledge, and great creativity that really made our project a huge success. We look forward to working with you again in the future for any additional projects. We also will gladly refer, with confidence, our acquaintances to your for their landscaping needs.


Nikki Eason & Lisa Crigger

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