Since we evolved from a landscape Engineering background, we could not rely on what we may have been taught from a father or uncle, or from what we learned from mowing grass and pruning bushes.

We were fortunate to reside in a state with one of the most respected horticulture schools in the country.  We took classes from many of the professors that taught seminars for the landscape associations in the area.  We applied our natural tendency to learn and apply technical data from them and utilize it for our migration and development into the landscaping arena.  We eventually learned enough to acquire our Landscape License and Certified Plant Professional accreditation.  Surprisingly enough, they were one of the hardest licenses we have acquired out of all the ones we have.  It requires a complete and thorough understanding of plants and landscaping to obtain them.  Those credentials require four separate 90 minute exams; one of which requires the ability to identify 125 plants by their Latin botanical name.  Anyone with those credentials is a plant expert.

Our goal as Landscape Contractors and Outdoor Contractors is to design and install landscaping for our customers that will not live, but thrive and perform for them.  We seek to install plants that will provide year-around interest by providing an array of colors, textures, fragrances to enhance your senses; all while making it easy to maintain.

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