Outdoor Life has licensed general contractors as well as pond contractors.

We can also assist you with the electrical and water supply for your pond and/or water feature. Since we offer more services than most pond contractors, we can also provide you with a patio, landscape lighting, an outdoor fireplace, and proper plant selection and installation.

Outdoor Life uses the same biological filtration processes to filter the water as used in a naturally occurring environment. We do not treat ponds as swimming pools. You do not need a lot of high tech equipment to keep the water clean and clear. Because the water is constantly moving and not sitting stagnant, it will not contribute to mosquito breeding as some people may think; in fact, you will typically see a decrease in the amount of insects around the water features since the animals it attracts feed off of insects such as frogs, dragon flies, and birds.

We will provide you with a turn-key job so that you do not have to hire and manage several contractors to help you create a back yard get away.


Contact Bill Botkin at Outdoor Life, Inc. for more information about outdoor water features.  Our pond contractors are the best in the area.

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