Undercutting power line trench.

Another contractor installed a concrete paver driveway in a customer’s front yard that happened to cross the utility line trenches for all the utility mains along the street. The contractor did not realize that the utility companies do not compact their trenches after they install the utility mains along the streets. Furthermore, they did not know how to observe and test the subgrade for such conditions before constructing the driveway. Unfortunately, the driveway only held up for a few months before it began to fail. The homeowner had hired a contractor that just moved to town and was getting established and did some patio work for their neighbors and felt that they did a good enough job to do their driveway. They got a good price on the work from him compared to the other more reputable and established companies so they hired him to do the work. Once the driveway began to fail, he would not return to return to repair his work. After hiring us to rip it out and re-do 1/3 of the driveway, it turned out that they paid almost double what they should have to begin with.

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