Outdoor Life was probably the first Charlotte landscaping company to develop the turn-key construction and landscaping concept for this industry.

During our many years in business, we have seen many companies come and go that tried to mimmick our concept.  The problem has always been that they did not have the training and field experience to perform and manage all of the work.  In many cases, we also noticed that many of the other owners felt they should sit in an office all day and handle the paperwork and phone calls and manage the business from afar.  The problem is that design/build multi-trade construction is very hard to learn and it is even harder to train employees to learn, so when the owner is the one that has all the experience and credentials and they are not in the field supervising the work, all of the work is being done by un-experienced people.  Ironically, many trade licenses actually require the licensee to directly supervise the work that their company performs, because the trade experts that sit on the license boards know that.

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